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Creatures of the Cork Forest

Portugal. Cork harvesting, processing and use 60 years ago.

Cork Trees: Soft-Skinned Monarchs of the Mediterranean - via Smithsonian Magazine 28.06.2012 | ...The average specimen of Quercus suber produces about 100 pounds of cork in a stripping, while the very largest tree—named the Whistler Tree, 45 feet tall and a resident of Portugal’s Alentejo region—produced a ton of bark at its last harvest in 2009. It was enough for about 100,000 corks—enough to plug up the entire annual sweet wine production of Chateau d’Yquem... #Portugal

spring meadow with a cork tree in the background, Alentejo, Portugal

Alentejo cork trees - Portugal. This reminds me of pictures in the book Ferdinand!

~Sunset Forest Path, Suffolk, England~

Cork - Alentejo, Portugal by ©miguel valle de figueiredo, via Flickr

Prazeres 28 - An actual size cork tram. An installation by visual artist Nuno Vasa via Art Institute #portugal

Pasteis de Belem - OOOOO SOOOO GOOD!!! See how they are made - Lisbon, Portugal

螺旋の竹林 | Garden spiral in Murou Art Forest near Nara, Japan designed by Israeli artist, Dani Karavan, world famous pioneer of environmental formative art and monuments focusing on "Fusion with nature"

First Starlight Tourism Destination by UNESCO, UNWTO and IAC @ Mighty Lake Alqueva, Alentejo - PORTUGAL. There's a commodity in very short supply - light pollution - and in this rural area of Portugal, it's virtually unknown. The reserve also has a rich cultural heritage. Ancient megalithic structures suggest that even our ancestors valued the region for its celestial wealth. (Sky at Night Magazine / BBC)