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Tsar Nicholas II, a tragic figure, lost his throne (and his family's lives) because the wealth of the nation was in the hands of the privileged few.

Tsar Nicholas II. I just love him, he always looks like he's smiling.

Cousins Tsar Nicholas II and King George V 1909 in the Isle of Wight.

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia...I have read so much about his life that I had to stop...I still have all the books but they all end the same way...

Tsar Nicholas II......he looks like Brad Pitt.

Zar Nicola II nel 1895. Non so se è ricolorata, ma so di per certo che già all'epoca, in Russia, erano state prodotte delle foto con pellicola a colori.

Cousins: King George V/ Britain Tsar Nicholas II/ Russia. Their mothers were sisters

Nicholas II of Russia. This is the tsar the Leninist "executed" - meaning they murdered him and his family by taking them in a cellar and shooting them.

Tsar Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicholas II

Grand Duke George and Nicholas (future Tsar Nicholas II)