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    • Jewell Hershey

      A fresh new look for Spring! LOL! New Burger King Ad Features Impressive Hamburger Eye Shadow

    • Anna Ward

      Burger King eyeshadow… yes really. A great shot from one of the fast food chain’s Netherlands’ ads. pic via Buzzfeed

    • Ibulle BUlle

      Je sais pas pourquoi, d'un coup j'ai envie d'un burger.... This ad from Burger King in the Netherlands has some cool eye makeup and exhorts viewers to "get a tasty new look.

    • Thrash Lab

      Burger King and Makeup! #style #fashion #unique #burgerking #fastfood #foodporn #eyeporn

    • Sinn Abunnz

      Behold: The Burger King Makeover // Make-up artist gone loose with some bright colors, food theme. based idea and no restriction. OMGAWD. #makeup #eyemakeup #

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