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Redditor mFsCaptcha (whom we assume is "Dylan") says his friend Eric's parents left these messages for the pair, who were about to embark on a road trip to a theme park in Idaho. These adorably concerned-sounding notes reveal two things: Eric's parents have wildly different priorities, and apparently theme parks in Idaho are way more debaucherous than you would think.

Overprotective Mom And Dad Leave Extremely Different Goodbye Notes

Hilarious Tweets Collection About Grandma vs. Fun

Hilarious Tweets Collection About Grandma vs. Fun

Denephew #Denephew, #Free-Funny-Pictures, #Funny-Pictures

I love Greys Anatomy. I have heard this joke before, and although it is corny, I still find it funny. Put those two together and it makes the joke so much better :D

Superman in College.....literally

Superman in College.....literally

Funny pictures about Superman in college. Oh, and cool pics about Superman in college. Also, Superman in college photos.


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He gets the parent of the year award. This. Yes.

He gets the parent of the year award. Rage faces are my favorite faces. Seriously cutest thing ever!

Received a text from a random number, it kept me entertained for my final stretch of work. - Imgur

I love these wrong number texts lol

That escalated quickly.

Funny pictures about Sometimes I Think Bad Thoughts. Oh, and cool pics about Sometimes I Think Bad Thoughts. Also, Sometimes I Think Bad Thoughts photos.

WHat an unbearably stupid question..

Why would you make this choice?

I WISH kids would be so creative all of the time ;) More of the greatest inappropriate test answers from young children. If I had a kid, this would probably be their answer!

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post.  Holy hell, if this is real.... OMG

Brace Yourselves, it's a long post

One of the funniest things ever. why would you get a winged turtle as a tattoo? this is friggin HILARIOUS! IDC if its real or not, its still funny.

Buddy of mine found this slipped under his door. High-fives all around commenced.

Excessive noise notice for making sex noises too loudly. Party on Wayne.

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To Be Fair, He Asked For It // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Imthought they were going to kiss!

Well maybe they were?-funniest detention slips ever

Detention for literally bible-thumping. Just another reason religion is bad!


hipsters dont like to be called hipsters, thats how you can definately tell that they are

I hate when this happens

LSHMSFOAIDMT = laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco.

I have never watched any of the twilight movies, and I don't feel a need to. But I LOVE True Blood! (:

Organising the home office - Set up a dedicated workspace

I love the Twilight books. Don't really care for the movies. But I LOVE me some True blood!