• Tommy Nakanishi

    Social Media Explained Through Donuts Twitter: I'm Eating a #Donut Facebook: I Like Donuts Foursquare: This is Where I Eat Donuts Instagram: Here's a Vintage Photo of My Donut YouTube: Here I Am Eating A Donut LinkedIn: My Skills Include Donut Eating Pinterest: Here's a Donut Recipe Now Listening to "Donuts" Google+: I'm a Google Employee Who Eats Donuts

  • Kelli Brown

    Social Media Explained in Terms of Donuts by Kama via 999thpoint: SOTRUE

  • Linda Li

    Social Media Explained - How Same Status Updates Will Look Like In Different Social Networking Websites | #Funny #SocialNetworking #Websites #SocialMedia #Technology #Compare #GooglePlus #Twitter #Facebook #Foursquare #YouTube #Instagram #Pinterest #LastFM #LinkedIn

  • Anna Gusinde

    Social Media Explained in Plain English - SO FUNNY AND SO TRUE!

  • Freestyle Interactive

    Social Media explained through the medium of Donuts!

  • Maureen Mulcrone

    “The Original Social Media Explained with Donuts by Doug Ray / Three Ships Media. #socialmediaexplained #socialdonut #facebook #pinterest #linkedin…”

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