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Pick any two

I know all the shit you talk about me to your parents and your so called friends. ..its called the smear campaign...enjoy it while you can I hear the faint footsteps of karma coming and she owes you big time

Correction, fast, easy, cheap and HOT!

trust me this is true... the fire may smolder for a long time but she will burn it all down and out of the ashes... a Phoenix will rise.

I dreamed my whole house was clean...

a sometimes perfect quote that made me giggle ;o) Enjoy!


Don't judge me for the choices I make when you don't know the options I had to choose from.


If you 'don't give a shit', are you then still connected? Can you still give love or receive love in honesty?

Haha true

Something for me to think about - I already know that forgiveness is something I do for myself because holding onto hurt/pain can be toxic. The reality though is that not all forgiveness may come with a second chance...sometimes forgiveness comes with letting go...hmmm....


Rumors you hear about me are as true as the ones I hear about you.

So true

The 21 Best William Shakespeare Quotes | Deseret News

Happens every time!

So true!! I am made complete in Christ :)

Election Day: the day I find out which of my friends are smart and attractive and which are Democrats......