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Being Single After 40 is a Gift...Because: *You have had enough experience to know what you don't want **You have had enough experience to know what you do want ***You know yourself well enough to choose what's best for you ****You can choose to let go of the whats and whos that don't feel good *****You now love yourself more than you ever have! - Dr. Dar

Love of Self and others, for those who caused pain or for those who stand with you, breeds more love. Use the power of your free will to choose light and love with every step forward into your future, choose what feels good, and say no to what does not.

Some experts say that having too many choices results in paralysis and inability to make a decision. I say that is B.S. Not being clear about what you want or need before evaluating your choices results in paralysis. It's easy to make a selection out of many choices when you know what you want. Sadly, we are clearer about what we DO NOT want. I invite you to be crystal clear before you take the step of choosing...and then...Choose wisely!

He gave her the gift of his heart... She knew nothing of what she was given... Until he sat her down to bring it to her conscious awareness... Only then did she understand what pure love looks and feels like... In that moment of awareness... She surrendered to receive pure love...She gave him her heart.