love (his) left sleeve

The guy on the right - his neck piece is cool.


" five of seven " word phrase tattoo chest ink written on the body Kyle Krieger

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First of all.. Hi :) second of all, I LOVE the forest tattoo on his left arm. Wanna do something like it


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Men cooking is sexy, men cooking while looking like this? Smoking hot! Love his left arm trees tattoo.

Glad to see it's not all skinny guys with tattoos


65 Great Sleeve Tattoos & Arm Tattoos // Ink Inspiration

50 Cool Tattoo ideas for Men & Women - purple leaves

tree tattoo - when will I have the courage to just do this?!

beard & tattoo

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When my hubby gets a full silver mane, I'll still find him sexy as ever; especially if he'd just grow it out from the summer buzz cut he gives himself.