A bunch of awesome (but not extreme) April Fools pranks! The chicken buillon cube one is hilarious!

33 Harmless Pranks

April Fools Day Prank.. if you want to get the police called. Might do this for a friend, family member, or flat-mate, though. Someone who'd find it funny afterwards. :P

April fools


33 harmless April Fools jokes... I'm gonna be happy I pinned this. I can never think of something fun when I need it.


this is BRILLIANT!!

This guy's father/daughter pictures are the funniest thing ever... check out the gallery. I have seriously been looking for 20 minutes. These are hilarious.

This is great!

50 perfectly timed photos. This is actually awesome

hahaha this is great.

LOL!! I'm doing this!!

april fools :)

Parenting... You're doing it right. | 31 Awesome April Fools' Day Pranks Your Kids Will Totally Fall For

April fools prank

Would love this in the summertime!!!

awesome pranks

Pintrosity - this site is awesome! It's full of tried-and-failed Pinterest projects. It has a lot go busts so I am now going through my pins to delete a bunch!