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Photos of paint splashes in mid-air by Martin Klimas show what music looks like. Average amount of paint used per shot: six ounces. Total amount of paint used on the project: 18.5 gallons. Final number of images printed: 212. Shutter speed: 1/7,000th of a second. Number of speakers blown: 2. Miles Davis, "Pharaoh’s Dance", from "Bitches Brew", 52x46cm

Justyna Kopania; Oil, 2010, Painting "Twilight - Full Moon" Luscious colors! Wanna try oil painting some day

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Colorful Dripping Wet Ink Drawings

Colorful Dripping Wet Ink Drawings by Marc Allante


Matt Molloy

Canada based photographer Matt Molloy is a fan of time lapse portraits and natural events. Using the same process, Molloy realized he could apply the same technique to capture clouds as the day progresses. After stacking multiple exposures of the same landscape, the changes in the sky make feathery brushes strokes across the sky.

THIS stunning image shows what 24 hours worth of photos looks like when combined into one frame.

Lou Ros - "DLR2 from FACES II" mixed media on canvas 2012. Through the colours, brush strokes, composition, background and rhythm of the painting, I attempt to create works which truly represent bodies in a space without distortion.