Natural dyed eggs...cabbage, onion & cranberry

Easter Eggs

DIY Natural-Dye Easter Eggs

You don't need to be an artist to make these beautiful watercolor floral Easter eggs.

Blueberry dyed Easter eggs

Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

color your Easter eggs all naturale. Beautiful!

Naturally dyed eggs

DIY Nail polish marbled Easter eggs

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Natural Dye Colored Easter Eggs

Natural Fabric Dyes Chart

Are you tired of coloring Easter Eggs the same old way? If you're feeling a little more creative, try these Natural Dye Easter Eggs from Big Sis Lil Sis. Oh, did we mention they're more health conscious and avoid the artificial dyes? Using flowers and leaves to add that natural look.

Interesting Patterned Easter Eggs - put leaf on egg and hold in place with a piece of nylon stocking - twisting ends to hold leaf in place and secure the stocking with rubber band - then dye and carefully remove stocking and leaf.


How-To Dyeing Eggs Naturally

"Crack Me" Easter egg surprise. Hollow, dyed egg shells filled with sweet treats. Takes some time, but really cool.

All-Natural Easter Egg Dye Recipes

Onion skins and red cabbage egg dying

Easter eggs dyed with silk ties - I made these last Easter... my sister in law showed me how to do it. I have been collecting ties this year at the Thrift store and will try it with my students.