Within the warmth of my horse's breath, I will find the air I need to live today. I will find the wind to fly to the heights of my dreams and within I will find the one I am meant to be.

Caballo árabe. Hermosa estampa.

Black chestnut Arabian stallion ~ TS Desert Demon Bey ~ Tardis Stables. Really like this color.

Beautiful dapple greys - look like Arabs or Morabs

The Silver Stallion - Part 1

The silver stallion and sister: Hey this by the same author as Moonshadow, but I am abandoning that story because my computer ticked me off a few too many times. I hope you like it.

Gorgeous blue roan stallion

Quarter Horse stallion My Final Notice. Black roan (also called blue roan)


Horses: "Mane Attraction," by Roberta "Roby" Baer. Pastel painting of Gypsy horses.