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  • April Maxwell

    The Hormone Guide. Funny stuff. After my husband asked me one too many times the question in the chart's bottom row ("What did you DO all day??"), I sent him this link and told him to commit this chart to memory (oh, and bring home some wine).

  • Ansley Dach

    Too #interesting ads #funny ads #funny commercial #commercial ads #funny commercial ads

  • Rachyl Spencer

    this is so funny. except in my life, that wine would be sweet tea.

  • Megan Leigh SEO & Web Design

    The Hormone Guide #hormone #pms #guide #poster #quote #saying #sign

  • A Johnson

    The hormone guide. Insert diet coke for wine.

  • Katelyn Walls

    This will be a gift to my husband because a happy wife (and a glass of wine) makes a happy life! Lol

  • Shanna Allen

    A handy survival guide for men...worth printing except in my case, substitute wine for a Diet Coke :)

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