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    Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself.

    • Karen Hartwig

      Crafting Ideas | DIY Mod Podge (Elmer's Glue + Water). Or you can use flour, sugar, water & white vinegar to make some too

    • Barbara Perry Myers

      Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. Need: empty container 1 bottle Elmer's glue Water empty whole bottle of glue into container then add equal part water 50:50 ratio. Shake shake shake && VOILA! you never have have to buy modpodge again.

    • Cindy Farahmand

      Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. You can add Clear Future Floor Wax to homemade Mod Podge for waterproofing for a glossy shine... Recipe: 1/3 Elmers glue 1/3 water 1/3 Future Floor wax

    • Stefani Zecchino

      "Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself." Pinning this for my brother, who was convinced Modge Podge is just elmer's glue. You're pretty much right! haha

    • Renee Keller

      Homemade Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. You need.... A jar, Elmers Glue, Water. Empty the glue into a jar. My jar is just an old Salsa Bottle. Add water... You need it to be 50% glue and 50% water. Shake shake shake... And you are done!! I know it works because i used it to paste this paper label onto the jar :) It would make a great gift for your crafting buddies also.

    • Hilary Kernal Ramirez

      Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself. When printing a quote or using one with markers spray first with hairspray let dry than glue to project. Most people use 1 cup glue to 1/3 cup water or a 50/50 mix. Use Elmer's Glue, not School Glue if you want a waterproof finish. Otherwise, your homemade Mod Podge will actually attract any moisture in the air and turn cloudy. If you use regular Elmer's Glue-All, it will be waterproof when your project is dry.

    • Mariah Longard

      Mod Podge is crazy expensive. Make it yourself for wedding DIY crafts

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