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I'm helping...

Helping children walk, what a hero!

I think I have seen that look on one of my dogs

hahah adorable

Dogs Of The World. Didn't realize how many dogs there were...wow!: Chspets Adoptchs, Puppies Dogs, Ohlandtvet Chspets, Pet Illustration, Cutest Pets Doggies, Animal

Belly would do this!

My dog!

this would be Belly!

Water break x 3!!

I can see this being our dog

Cute cat and dog

funny dogs

Dog fort!

so cute! looks a little like my sister's dog!

Funny funny. Ryder does this but instead of fake leg injuries he just falls to the ground and plays dead

old dogs are the best dogs, and make a family complete. Love them to the end

Dog - Dachshund

Lmbo! Somebody needs to be a more graceful winner! - 23 Dogs Who've Out-Dogged Themselves

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