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  • Courtney Knabe

    not much for scary movies however this does make me laugh becasue it's so true.

  • Robert Leeper

    I love how in scary movies the person yells out "Hello?", as if the killer is going to be like "Yeah I'm in the kitchen, want a sandwich?"

  • Becky Bayley

    i love horror movies but this is so true they so many silly things

  • Haylee Longsine

    I love this quote, makes me laugh every time. :)

  • Brittani Dickey

    So true! Funny stuff!!

  • TA Hetland

    true story: a noise came from our garage a few days ago and I went up the stairs (because we were in the basement) and said, "Hello?" My step sister said: "Like they are going to say I'm here, want a sandwich?" Me: "DO YOU WANT A SANDWICH, KILLER?"

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