my heart be still

Looks like a dream come true - a bedroom with giant windows somewhere in the mountains, where no one can see you, and you feel like your on the top of the world! I love outdoor views too! This would be a very peaceful bedroom to wake up in, fall asleep in, read in, do homework in, hang out in, and so much more!

Is it just me, or did everyone want to live in a tree house when they grew up?

I could start each morning daydreaming on this patio...


southern porch

for the porch

resting easy

Would love to have this on our porch!

adirondack swing on a porch ..... ....simple and sweet

The best porch


Old Front Porch

Swinging bed.

my house should be like this

I finally figured out what I need for my dream home! :-) I need to live on the outskirts of a large suburb. I need a large fully matured landscaped back yard, with a lake at the edge of the property with private water rights. At the lake is where I will have my personal lake house/private space/ entertainment room built. :-)

An indoor wooden swing; LOOOVE!

All about napping on the porch.....9 more sleep porches to ogle over!

Pod garden swing. challinp outdoor living