Smoothie packs

Frozen Smoothie Packs -- veggies & fruit, ready to blend

This lady is a genius!!! WOW! 4 hours, 46 meals, 95 dollars. Another pinner said, “I started doing this earlier this year and cannot believe how much stress it has eliminated and how much better we are eating while saving money.”

diy smoothie packs

smoothies-prepare them ahead of time and throw them in a blender with almond milk.

Smoothie packs! Strawberry, banana, blueberry with spinach! Add orange juice, flax seed, chia seeds, and maybe some protein powder.

the only 4 smoothies you need

Healthy meals for the whole week, made in advance


I love the idea of freezing the ingredients for a smoothie in a ziploc bag so it is ready to make in the morning. Especially for green smoothies. I could get into that.

this looks soooo good and its good for you. 0 weight watchers points!! ~ Just did this and it was great. The kids loved it! I didnt use the ice. ~ D.W.


prepare fruit or veggie bowls for the week

Love French Toast? Hate not getting to sit down and eat with the family while your still flipping bread? Try it this way... and you'll never go back. Christmas morning recipe.

Make Frozen Spinach Cubes for your Green Smoothie! Great way to save that spinach before it goes bad

Healthy Frozen Treat for Kids

This Morning Time-Saver Will Help You Make Smoothies Even Faster

Clean eating Crock Pot Freezer Meals - prepare 34 meals in one day for 150 dollars (all healthy stuff too)