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  • Anne Probasco

    How to fix broken eyeshadow. I just broke one and threw it away a few weeks ago. If only I had known!

  • Lauren Brakhage

    Handy Homemaker Tips & Tricks III 1. Repair shattered eye shadow 2. Tie amazing bows 3. Homemade dish soap 4. Clean your microwave 5. Get rid of water stains 6. DIY eye makeup remover 7. DIY dishwasher detergent 8. DIY lip balm 9. Handmade votives 10. Hang pictures with a pop tab

  • Chelsea Ward

    How to fix shattered eyeshadow...pretty awesome!! Here’s what you need: shattered eyeshadow coin {I used an American quarter} rubbing alcohol tissue butter knife medicine squirter {not pictured} plastic bag or plastic wrap Place the shattered makeup carefully into the plastic bag holding the plastic carefully over the top. Hold the plastic tightly across the top of the eyeshadow and with the back of the butter knife smash all the remaining bits of eyeshadow into a fine powder. When the eyeshadow looks like this, you’re ready to go. Pull the eyeshadow out of the plastic bag, we’re on to step 4! Using the medicine squirter put a couple squirts of rubbing alcohol into the broken eyeshadow. Make sure the eyeshadow is completely saturated with the rubbing alcohol. Now put the tissue on top of the eyeshadow and put the coin on top of that. Press down with all the force in the world. You’re re-compacting the eyeshadow, so don’t be shy. and your done :) it works

  • Sammy Kreun

    Carolina Charm: Handy Homemaker Tips & Tricks III - how to fix shattered eye shadow, how to fix water rings, make your own dishwasher detergent & MORE! :)

  • Madison Belnap

    how to repair a shattered eye shadow @MAC eye shadow- you always do this to me!!

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