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Place Value Game

Try this fun math card game and practice place value with your second grader! Decide which number is bigger in order to earn points!
  • Shanna D

    Place Value Card Game. I would add a few rows to get to the 100,000's. The kids could then write the number in standard, expanded and word forms.

  • Erin Keeney

    Place Value Game using a deck of cards. Like War where the larger number earns a point for that person. First to 25 pts wins. Great Math Center game.

  • Christina Feliz

    Place Value Game with playing cards.

  • Abby Rassette

    Place Value Game #cards

  • Nikki Jones

    Math: Place Value Game. I would add a few rows to get to the 100,000's. The kids could then write the number in standard, expanded and word forms. FUN!

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