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Farewell Chapel / OFIS Arhitekti

Nice sensual curves and contrasting materials and colour. Farewell Chapel. Kkasnja, Slovenia OFIS arhitekti

ISO50 Blog - The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50)from ISO50 Blog - The Blog of Scott Hansen (Tycho / ISO50)

Honeycomb Homes

OFIS Honeycomb Apartments, Slovenia

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Gallery of Majestic Theatre Apartments / Hill Thalis Architecture - 9

Majestic Theatre Apartments / Hill Thalis Architecture.

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Update: Villiot-Rapée Apartments / Hamonic + Masson

Villiot-Rapée Apartments

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Art Stable / Olson Kundig Architects

art stable by olson kundig architects in seattle. why not replicate this in other cities? it's gorgeous! still looking for interior shots though...

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Gallery of Hue Apartments / Jackson Clements Burrows Architects - 3


Plataforma Arquitecturafrom Plataforma Arquitectura

Galería de Hotel Topazz / BWM Architects - 1

Hotel Topazz / BWM Architects

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Ar de Rio Bar Esplanade / Menos é Mais Arquitectos

Simple geometric shapes could always go a long way. Ar de Rio Bar Esplanade / Guedes DeCampos

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Axis Viana Hotel / VHM

Axis Viana Hotel by VHM in Viana do Castelo. This Business & Spa Hotel is an ode to cantilevering, as you can see on the section shown below.

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Porta Fira Towers / Toyo Ito AA + Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos)

Porta Fira Towers by Toyo Ito AA + Fermín Vázquez (b720 Arquitectos) The project consists of two differentiated towers that engage in a subtle dialogue. Despite the clear contrast between the buildings in terms of form, the relationship they establish is harmonious and complementary. The buildings (each 110 m high) play a highly symbolic role as they pay tribute to the historical Venetian towers that stand at the entrance to the exhibition centre located near Plaza España in Barcelona.

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Gallery of Elevated Night Club Hotel in Hong Kong / Urbanplunger - 12

Proposed "Elevated Night Club Hotel" in Hong Kong

Kandalama Hotel Exterior Designed by Sri Lanka's best-known architect, Geoffrey Bawa, the Kandalama hotel was built as an environmental hotel. The jungle outside is free to climb the walls of the hotel, and in the rooms the life of the jungle is literally at the fingertips.

no worries about individuality by zwieciu, via Flickr Love beautiful photos - would love to have more of those on

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Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel / Rodrigo Duque Motta