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ABC Summary Sheet or Summarizer. This summary sheet has students look for things that begin with each letter of the alphabet to summarize their lea...

‘Who I Am’ graphic information sheet, for getting to know my students.


Summarizing Tool

non fiction summarizing

Cover sheet and recording sheets for student data. Guided reading, reading/writing conferences, reading levels.

*FREE* Every day your students are doing awesome things. So why not reward them for it? You can print out these sheets, cut them out, and pass out the "bucks" to kids when you catch them doing great things. In my class I use the dollars for raffle at the end of the month, or you may want to use them for a class store, or any other fantastic system that you want. I designed them to be printed as either one sided or two sided.


This worksheet is designed for articulation students with who are stimulable for correct production of their target sound, but aren't consistently able to discriminate correct versus incorrect production in their own speech. This worksheet gives them some ownership of the therapy session and an active role in the data collection process.

This cover sheet can be used to help students organize work for a student-led conference with parents. I staple this sheet to the front of a folde...

This product contains five free ABC order practice worksheets in a cute owl theme. Each sheet lists 10 words for students to alphabetize. Each list of words begins with the same letter. Students must be able to alphabetize to the second, third, sometime fourth letter.

ABC Order FREEBIE! Directions: students will look at the words on the cards and write them in ABC order on the recording sheet. #sheilamelton

ABC Poems

Summarizing can be one of the most difficult reading skills for intermediate students to master. The skills taught in this download will help students master the art of summarizing through teacher-led, interactive lessons. Also included are examples of how to use summarizing as a starting off point to teach other grammar, spelling, and mechanics skills throughout the year!!

FREE alphabet chart!

Not free, but great visual for students!! ....Follow for Free "too-neat-not-to-keep" teaching tools other fun stuff :)

Order of Operations 2 contains the four math operations and parenthesis - no exponents. Students solve the order of operation problems and color the picture. Make math a little fun with this math color sheet. Includes one math sheet (10 problems), one color sheet, and answer key. $ gr 5-8

FREE!! 7 sheets perfect for helping your students with vowel digraphs. Do you teach with Saxon Phonics? If so, then these will be a great addition to your lessons.

Articulation Skill and Drill for /r/ - This set contains a word-sheet to pair with every season, month, and major holiday; each are ideal for individual or group practice. While every word-sheet contains vocabulary focusing on /r/ in all positions of words, they are versatile enough to target a variety of both articulation and language skills depending on student need(s).

Need a fun activity to help students review their sight words? Try Sight Word Tic Tac Toe: 18 different sheets, with 6 game boards on page. The first 200 sight words are broken into 8 lists. Each list has one page dedicated to it. Then there are 10 review sheets that combine lists to give students even more practice. Easily differentiated so all students can benefit! Can be used as a center, homework, free time activity, word work, or indoor recess game. Your students will LOVE it!