ROFL, so, i may or may not have said this to Tash. :x


For real though...

Um yes.

like mother, like daughter

9 times out of 10 children get their awesomeness from their mother. - ecard meme - Humor me - Random Funnies

Foam Run? Color Run? Mud Run? I say we stick to Liquor Store Runs. In a car.

Funny Family Ecard: The nice thing about using a slow cooker is that the kids let you know at 8 a.m. that they will not eat dinner. It eliminates a day's worth of suspense on the issue.

My mom always says this!!!


im so telling my kids this!

true story.

I'm going to have to remember this line.

haha not nice but it's how I feel sometimes...

hahaha! Casual Friday, Punch a Coworker Monday, No Pants/Shirt Tuesday, Drunk at Work Wednesday, Call in Sick Thursday...sounds perfect! #funny #work #business #someecards


Seriously... Is this too much to ask??

bahaha. my life.

Ha ha!

The moment you become a parent.