Corporate Culture Infographic. Way better than mission statements.

Bright and clear Mission, Vision and Core Values Diagram is dedicated to presentations on company profile, company mission and goal, company presentation, business planning, stake holders report, etc. You could show and compare data of your funds, employees resources, to describe your strategy management, your objectives and plans.

infographic: How Colors Influence People: The Psychology Of Color In Business Marketing

How Emotional Triggers Get People to Buy - Marketing and Copywriting

10 Rules For Making An Infographic Effective & Viral.

The Rise of Infographics

Infographic about colours in brands with interesting statistics, too

What infographics are! [Infographic?]

JPEG, GIF, And PNG: When To Use Each Kind Of Image image

This is pretty interesting for people pursuing graphic design. I thought the circle chart at the bottom was unique as well.

#infographic #howto

How important is that meeting? [Infographic]

How Steve Jobs Started #infographic #SteveJobs #Apple

Infografiken, ihr Nutzen und Gestaltungstipps, erklärt in einer #Infografik

Infographic of 26 things you should keep in mind as you build a new site. I could quibble and there's no depth but as a colorful checklist, it's pretty well done.

So, You Want to Make an Infographic? The process behind infographics: insight into how the Department of Energy's creative team plans, designs, and publishes its #infographics.

What Your Web Design Says About You - Colour Science

Internal communications flowchart - perfect for those of you responsible for managing intranets!

Design process experience map