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5 Dog Breeds That are easy to Train

Baby cocker spaniel!

adorable! We have a very sweet black cocker spaniel and would love a blonde one to join our family :)

Watercolor dragonfly tattoo idea. @Kimberly Roan

Golden puppy

I want to share this enchanting adventure with you | via Tumblr

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Deer teaches us to be gentle, to touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are in our lives. Don't push people to change, rather gently nudge them in right direction, with the love that comes from deer. Love and accept people as they are. The balance of true power lays in love and compassion. L’arche de noé | Eleonore Bridge

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Golden Cocker Spaniel and pup

Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy and ginger kitten

blushing blooms

white white - Narcissus


Anemones with their unique dark center make them very special



rosiesdreams: Beauty in the wings

Pink & Green

Loving these Tiffany blue hunters! Adorable.


Wear the rainbow. On your feet.

Goldens just SMILE

Cocker Spaniel puppies with their mom