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Go on a types of angles scavenger hunt around the playground. Challenge students to find as many angles as they can in 10 minutes. Great way to keep students moving at the end of the school year. Raki's Rad Resources

Teaching Students How to Justify Answers in Math

Teaching students to justify their work in math doesn't have to be difficult. Read this post to learn how setting clear expectations and explicitly teaching students can make a huge difference.

These layered, spinning plate challenges motivate students to make connections and develop their own shortcuts in order to solve! Awesome for critical thinking in Pre-Algebra, Algebra, & Geometry

5th grade geometry standards 1-2. Graphing points on a coordinate plane. Math tasks, exit tickets, I cans. $ #coordinateplane #graphing #exittickets

Integer Flash

Multiplying Integers. (6-7 grade) 2 player. Black = Positive numbers Red = Negative Numbers each player flips over a card at the same time, the first to get the answer keeps the cards. Who ever has the most cards wins. (Pair students who are on the same level to provide a fair game)

Have students count larger numbers in order to assess their place value understanding. Do they know what comes after 1,000? 1,009?