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Just the Facts and a FREEBIE

Smarty pants award! Love this little free printable idea for around testing time, or whenever a student really shows off their brain skills! Print out a few pages and attach a little smarty candy.

Important Class Information

This is my fundamental management philosophy that I live by. “Boss” to me is a dirty word and I don’t like bosses and being an entrepreneur is essentially the rebellion against the concept. I am a leader. In a corporate or a business setting I am not the boss

FREE SOCIAL STUDIES LESSON - “Black History Month FREEBIE” - Go to The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs for this and hundreds of free lessons. 4th - 8th Grade

Martin Luther King Mini Unit and FREEBIE!

Martin Luther King Mini-Book and Unit and FREEBIE! This freebie includes two great graphic organizers to supplement your Martin Luther King Jr. Unit!

Back to School Super Start: Lessons, Activities, and Printables

Back to School Super Start makes it easy to get your class on track for success! Includes a teacher's guide with activity directions and printables that will save you time and help you start building a community of learners! $ #LauraCandler

Long Ago and Today SCOOT or Write the Room