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Easy mood busters for kids--and grumpy adults :)

30 Stuck Inside Games for Kids - great ideas to keep kids moving even when stuck inside.

fun sticks– 150 things for kids to do

15 Weekend Boredom Busters

Homemade paint for kids. I'm not sure if it works, but I will try

sidewalk chalk spirograph - HOW FREAKING AWESOME?!?! $8.95

A book of fun things for a kid to do when bored over the summer (or year round). I mentor a 3rd grader and thought this would be a good end of year gift for her.

Use hair spray and glitter to make tooth fairy money.

Get a jar and put paper in telling you different things to do. When you are bored just pick one out randomly:)

Quick and easy activity to do with kids this summer that doesn't require buying a thing!

Thanks Nicole, This is going on my chalkboard for the whole summer. I always tell my kids if you are bored, it might mean you are a boring person. Ha....

Bored Jar. Fill with things to do (clean your room... or go get ice cream). When your child complains of boredom, tell them to pull an idea from the jar and they have to do it, no questions asked! Love this!

Camp Mom! 20 Activities to Make Summer Awesome for Everyone.

Questions to ask your kids to develop conversations and more

I'm bored list for kids (and adults). Summer time is coming. I am sure that this will come in handy!

12 of the funniest YouTube videos for kids

I Lift Heavy Things blog: I'm Bored ... checklist for kids and parents to survive summer boredom

Making sculptures w/ gumdrops & toothpicks

101 Things to Do When Kids Say I'm Bored