Halloween Tomato Cage Ghost. I love this!


Perfect Halloween "candy bar" for the party:) Cute, cute idea.

glow sticks. Easy Halloween craft idea for the kids!!! We had so much fun creating ours!

DIY Tutorial: DIY Halloween / DIY Tomato Cage Ghost - Bead&Cord/ This site has all the directions. Basically, tomato cage, turned upside down, large styrofoam ball at the top (gather the prongs together, push them into the styrofoam, wrap the cage with white Christmas lights, cut a twin flat sheet in half, add black felt for eyes and secure the base with bricks.

Trick or Treat Halloween Decor (Print) - Lily & Val

Our Daily Doings: Tomato Cage Ghost

Strawberry Ghosts: Cute Halloween idea.

Made these out of tomato cages and duct tape. Will use at school Fall Festival at night with flashing LED lights inside. Tomato Cage Witch Hat Ring Toss

Spooky Track Ghost - easy and quick to construct.

I'm thinking I could recycle some dryer sheets to make these. DIY Halloween : DIY Hanging Ghosts : DIY Halloween Decor

cloche ghost

DIY tomato cage ghosts for Halloween

Diy For Halloween Cute!

Very cute DIY ghosts for outside. All you need is a tomato cage, yarn, lights, and a sheet.

Perfect Halloween decor for Teen area!

DIY Tomato Cage Ghosts - Outdoor Halloween Decorations Adorable

Super easy cute decor... Pumpkin Terra cotta pots

Drink Up Witches!

Eyes in the Bushes, Put glow sticks in them!