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Signs and their real meanings.


Laptop Compubody Sock

Privacy Sleeve for your Laptop. Can't you just feel the sweat running down your temples? The oxygen depletion? The damp mitten mildew smell? The growing sense of claustrophobia? But at least nobody can see your current game of Farmville.


Things you find at Walmart…

Things you find at Walmart…HAHAHAHA this would be perfect for a white elephant gift

is it wrong for me to laugh at this?


The Fart Chart

Would it be wrong to print and frame this for the bathroom?

"The inventor of Mad Libs died today. He was seventy-poop years old." Dunno why this is so funny but I can't stop laughing.


Valerie Stachurski on

This would be funnier if it didn't have the F bomb, but it still made me laugh

Poehemian Rhapsody! This is a perfect combo of three of my favorite things: Edgar Allan Poe, puns, and Bohemian Rhapsody.


Expecting our first child…

expecting ...

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Collection of Bad Joke EEL

Oh man. There is nothing I love more than bad puns and jokes. What a knee slapper! -Collection of Bad Joke EEL.