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I'm not sure why no one has bought this for me! Pug in a mug tea diffuser

mugsofpugs: “ Pug in a Mug! I think as the Admin of Mugs of Pugs I NEED THIS! Tea usually gives me the jitters, but for reasons I would like this in my possession.

10 pugs that look like things

10 Pugs Who Look Like Things

Bah Humpug: The Many Faces of Pug 2

I had 4 pugs before. However I lost them in the river while camping. Fun pic though!

Pugs Will Sleep Anywhere!

e noise I just made on seeing this photo was a definite squeeeeeeeeeeee

"Put your dogs on, dog." - Dog stole my look!

A pug wearing pug slippers. Lulu would love these slippers in black, of course!

Pugs as ring bearers...a must have.

Handsome dog in his wedding tuxedo. Zeus will wear a tux at my wedding and be the ring bearer!

Puggy bunny

billcarman: “Really?” Pugs seem to a particularly favorite target of those who dress up animals. This is another quick diversion as I work on some epic paintings. By Bill Carman

the grass grew high, i laid down

How cute/ funny . I know my boyfriends dog is a bit bigger being a husky but he walks around with sunglasses on

14 Reasons Pugs Are The Ultimate Experts In Summer Living

14 reasons pugs are the ultimate experts in summer living - FunSubstance

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