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Big bold pattern over a neutral stripe.and my absolute fave: a cozy, super chunky knit hat.

예쁜 외국인 화보

Bird T-Shirt. I work at a conservative university press. I love pushing the envelope by wearing something a little unconventional (relatively speaking) that still fits the dress code. An elegant graphic tee under a traditional blazer does the trick.

printed silk cardi with jeans

How to Dress Down Your Lavish Silk Pieces

Silky floral jacket, tee and denim skinnies

이 겨울, 커플느낌을 폴폴 내면서도 완전히 동일하진 않은 센스있는 커플들의 시밀러 커플룩이 대세다. 완전 똑같은 커플티나 똑같은 운동화 등 쌍둥이처럼 입어야 한다는 카플룩 강박증에서 벗어나서 비슷한 느낌만 낸 시밀러 커플룩으로 그 커플의 패션감각까지도 엿볼 수 있으니 이 어찌 기쁜 소식이 아닐수가! 특히나 이번 겨울에는 비슷한 느낌의 코트나 아우터

giantbeard: PerfectPattern I love the massive scale of this Russell Plaid, cloth like this is hard to find in menswear, usually being restricted to ladies fashion. Milan streetstyle by The Sartorialist

girlsinspo: fashion-clue: www.fashionclue.net | Fashion...

girlsinspo: fashion-clue: www.fashionclue.net

denim jacket and short bob haircut. I'd have to wear different colors but the concept is cute.

layers layers layers

I have this jacket and I LOVE it! Would love to find the sweater. Lands End Canvas

턱까지오는 터틀넥니트에 블루종 클러치

Turtleneck, green bomber jacket and coffee.

pretaportre:  Jenny Ong [Neon Blush] in shades of gray wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, Wasteland skirt, Equipment blouse, Proenza Schouler PS11, Karen Walker sunglasses, and a Vanessa Mooney necklace.

fall style That's a Proenza Schouler Bag. I should do a board entirely of outfits around Proenza Schouler Bags! It's a pricy purchase so might as well make shure you have loads of clothes to match.

Gwen Stefani...For listening his songs  visit our Music Station http://music.stationdigital.com/  #Gwen Stefani

Gwen in her adorable black boots and grey polka dot sweater, love this outfit and her!

layered look

45 Ultra Trendy Outfits Of Dash Boutique For Upgrade Your Wardrobe -

leather jacket 드디어 가죽이의 계절이 왔음이다. 간절기 아이템으로 쭉 ~~ 사랑받은 가죽 자켓 개인적으...

leather jacket 드디어 가죽이의 계절이 왔음이다. 간절기 아이템으로 쭉 ~~ 사랑받은 가죽 자켓 개인적으...

[스타일 따라잡기] - 올리비아 팔레르모 편 - : 네이버 포스트

Olivia Palermo and husband out in New York City Mehr


Emerson Fry Army Coat - the perfect coat

소울드레서 (SoulDresser) | French Chic. - Daum 카페

green oversized t/green jacket/white pants/heels

fashionable color combinations

20 warm colour combinations for your autumn wardrobe. Stylish Persian green and leopard print

Danish model Caroline Brasch Nielsen, after Chloe, Paris, March 2014. What to wear when the skies are...

Paris Fashion Week AW 2014....Caroline (Vanessa Jackman)

Vanessa Jackman: Paris Fashion Week AW made a puffer jacket look almost bearable!