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    so true.

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    • aaron bartoschek

      Atheism - the belief that god does not exist, is entirely separate from the "Big Bang" hypothesis which theorizes the early development of the universe and is backed up by scientific evidence. You don't have to be an Atheist to believe the Big Bang theory.

    • lexi

      Atheism defined and denied in one fell swoop...the belief that nothing randomly occurred for no reason

    • Adam Leyva

      False, first atheism is the belief that there aren't deities, second the big bang wasn't an explosion (things can't explode in space) it is an expansion, third Galaxies, stars, and nebulae didn't rearrange themselves, gravity did, fourth evolution, heard of it?

    • Jason Mumford

      First of all: magic does not exist. Second: Observed behavior of particles at the atomic level explains the Big Bang theory. Third: not all of us mock others religion or beliefs, that's what nincompoops do.

    • Valerie Conner

      No offense to anyone, just thought this was funny. (I personally respect all beliefs)

    • Brianna Theus

      Atheism defined. I respect everyone's beliefs and all... but c'mon, you gotta laugh

    • Katie Essex

      I respect everyone's beliefs..but you can't deny the truth

    • Sonia Flores

      bahahaha....funny stuff! So true though!

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