little mermaid

"The air leaves your lungs in a bubble, and your chest starts to burn in agony...and that's when you know that was your last breath." (B3: Break of the Storm) ~Wendy Hamlet

Just gorgeous! Would love pictures like these! Underwater pictures are on the list!



Wonders of Water, Harper's Bazaar | From a unique collection of photography at

Underwater couple shot - his shoulder/arm muscles! Beautiful Underwater Photography



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Zena Holloway - UnderWater Photography

Underwater by Elena Kalis

"Ophelia" by Viktor Lyagushkin ~ Two-time world champion free diver Natalia Avseenko beneath the ice. White sea. Russia. Light - Bogdana Vashchenko

Cliff diving

Underwater Photography_Aaron Draper


Underwater Breathing

Kurt Chambers

Looks like she is going through a hula hoop, but it is an air bubble ring she created on the way up.

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