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    • Jackie

      Popples! I love Pinterest for so many things but bringing back all the childhood memories is one of my favorite things about it.

    • Tahra Biessener

      popples!!! I used to LOVE them!!! I had a sleeping bag and several of the stuffed ones. I used to collect the sequins that fell off during dance class and put them in his pocket lol

    • Corie Carpenter

      I WANT to be a Kid again & have a shit load of these!!! (Is it bad that I used to have the Sleeping Bag too? lol)

    • Misty Nash

      Popples!! I had a few of these when I was a kid! Aww love the old school goodies!

    • Elizabeth Cortés

      Popples I remember this when I was a kid. I don't remember having one though.

    • Andrea Love

      Popples! I saw a commercial for these today! I loved them when I was a kid

    • Cristy Watkins

      Popples I remember this when I was a kid. i still have mine

    • Julie Misnick

      A blast from the past, Popples! I had this exact same one.

    • Adrienne Corona

      love my Popples #retro #80s omg this one was my favorite

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    I had totally forgot about these!

    yep, had a bunch of these, chicken McNugget toys

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    Holy crap! Haven't seen one of these in forever!! Loved Polly Pocket!

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    285 reasons why being a '90s girl rocked our jellies off. this is so great...ohh the memories

    not only will kids today have no clue what this is, but they will also never know the frustration and anticipation involved in waiting until your favorite song plays on the radio so you can quickly press "play" and "record" at the same time.

    Tupperware toys, LOVED these when I was little!

    We never had this, but I think there was one in the church nursery when I was a helper, circa 1981-ish, because I remember playing with all the different parts!


    Mini Popples 1980's toys

    Fisher Price cash register