Beautiful button tree art.

Not the craft itself but the inspiration: Have kids paint a scene. After the scene has dried, we will take turns with the hot glue gun adding buttons to the picture.

This is cool idk I would have it look more like a tree going threw seasons

Free download of your very own fingerprint tree!

Hot glue gun art! I just have to say that for someone who has little original creativity, you know ... like ME, THIS is a wonderful way to create.

Paper flowers on canvas.. Very easy and very pretty!

button button beautiful


button tree

Button Tree DIY..Ask now on how to become a member of my new website coming soon. For now these boards are open to the public but will soon go private. Ask now on how to become a member. Keep following for more DIY ideas and info of the opening of the site.

light canvas

cool idea with buttons

Pinterest Interests.: Homemade Canvas Art con luces al final en las puntitas con luces normales

Button art

button tree!

Button Tree

Button Monogram

Canvas DIY - i WILL be doing this one. SO much cheaper than getting canvases made! Love how easy it seems!

Button art

Travel Map Craft Project