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  • Gloria Goree

    floating gold tea lights decor | Ideas for Lighting up your Outdoor Wedding - My Wedding Reception ...

  • The Vintage Palace

    Amazing... Floating candles... Beautiful. I like the center pieces. They are elegant but not so tall that they obstruct the view. wedding decor

  • Claire Whitty

    Wedding Decor, Simple Candle Centre Pieces: Candle Centerpieces for Wedding: another Idea for Centerpieces Decorations

  • Maranda Ellis

    If I could do my wedding over again, or have some fancy dinner party, this is how I would decorate my tables.

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Lots of folks shy away from a traditional aluminum cup tealight but look at what a pretty effect it can have when creatively paired ~ Pretty!

ooohhh just found an idea for my non-working fireplace

Using the square vases at the hotel, putting either blue or white-ish stones in the bottoms, a fake sunflower in water, and floating candle on top. Just a few for the head table or cake table or somewhere :)

Lots of candles hanging from about everywhere, I'm aiming for dreamy mystery.

More candles, please. Altar candles are traditionally thick tall candles or long tapers which are available in many colors. In Wicca, the candles that are used come in a variety of colors, depending on the nature of the ritual or custom at hand. Some Wiccans may use red, green, blue, yellow and white or purple candles to represent the elements.

Candle light lines the walkway leading the guests to wedding events. Such a romantic look!