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Divide the inside of a file folder into boxes that are slightly larger than small sticky notes. Write students' names in the boxes in alphabetical order, one name per box. Whenever you want to make a note about a student's progress, jot the information on a sticky note and then place it in the appropriate box. Periodically move the sticky notes to students' assessment folders. You'll have valuable information at your fingertips when it's time to prepare report cards.

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Free File Folder Games for Homeschool Learning and Fun! {HUGE Collection}

Free File Folder Games for Homeschool Learning and Fun! How to Get Started with File Folder Games How to Make File Folder Games - Early Learning Ac

Expectations chart when working in small groups, whole group, individually, and in partners. Use arrow post-it notes to show students how they should be behaving during class time - HELPFUL VISUAL

An easy way to keep track of student conferences! Just tape index cards to a file folder - boys on one side, girls on the other. You can easily flip through and write anecdotal notes and the date you met with your students. It is a great reference for report cards and parent meetings.