Teuchters Landing

10 of the best budget eats in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle during Hogmanay

Edinburgh attractions: what to see and do in winter

Super comprehensive walking tour/guide with places to go and things to see.

I lived in Edinburgh for 10 years and decided to put together for readers a self guided walking tour & illustrated map of my 50 best places to visit, eat, drink and party in this beautiful city. I hope you find the post and the map useful.


Night Lights, Edinburgh, Scotland - Why you need to visit Edinburgh this year. Edinburgh for life.

Travel guide on Edinburgh, Scotland

Insider's Travel Guide on Edinburgh

Edinburgh's Hogmanay Midnight Moment 2013.

Edinburgh, Scotland's Hogmanay event is one of the largest New Year's Eve parties on the planet, with nearly people coming to watch five tons of fireworks.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh - Five Travel Tips for Edinburgh

Five Travel Tips for Edinburgh

During our visit to Scottish capital we set out to discover five things to do in Edinburgh that aren't in travel guides. Here are five travel tips we found.

Inverness | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

This city holds a special place in my heart - Inverness, Scotland.my favorite book store is here; Leakey's Second Hand Book Store and Cafe. Go in and you won't come out for days!