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    Gonna watch you make me fall in love - One of my favorite country lyrics ever! Love you Luke Bryan!

    So get up up the hood of my daddy's tractor, up on the toolbox, it dont matter, down in the tail gate, girl I cant wait, to watch you do your thing!

    gonna cuss the morning when it comes, 'cause i know that the rising sun ain't no good for me, 'cause you'll have to leave // luke bryan // i don't want this night to end

    Luke Bryan, drunk on you and high on summertime♥

    Luke Bryan okay but only cause ya asked!!! And cause I wannna! ;) Shake it for the young buck siting in the honky tonk for the rednecks rocking to break of dawn.

    I can only change who I am so much and all i can give is my love, and my love aint NEVER been enough so I aint I aint comin back, Ive already been there done that. been there done that...this song is stuck in my head for some reason.

    Repin this if Luke Bryan makes your heart sing! He's lookin' great on the red carpet. #CMTawards #LukeBryan

    Funny Music Ecard: I need to go to rehab, my love for Luke Bryan is starting to become an obsession.

    Kirstie Russell, better start gettin' your cowgirl on and be ready to shake it for him on March 3rd!