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  • Carla

    Indio Viejo | Recetas de Nicaragua

  • Terri Arguello

    How to make ‘indio viejo’ stew (Nicaragua recipe)

  • Ondina Arrondo ❤`✿.¸¸.ღ ღ.¸¸.✿`❤

    Indio Viejo stew from Nicaragua-This hearty, corn, and chicken stew is simple to make and incredibly satisfying. What makes this dish so unique is the combination of beef with mint and oranges. Originated five hundred years ago and uses only ingredients native to Nicaragua: tomatoes, sour oranges, achiote, etc.The story of Indio Viejo stems from the days of the Conquistadors.

  • yourfriendmel

    Nicaraguan: Indio Viejo soup recipe

  • Lucy C.

    How to make 'indio viejo' stew (Nicaraguan recipe)

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