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This infographic is about the collectible toys known as LEGO minifigs (mini figures).

Book Vending Machine. WHERE ARE THESE THINGS?!?! WHAT?!!! ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ why are we not funding this!?

Rare Lego mini figure. Could be a Roman? Or even a fighter in capture the flag? (;

Check out this awesome custom Lego Minifigure by Silverfox57. The combos on this fig are fantastic. The scroll & boot wings look great with the white torso and legs. But my favorite part is definitely the painting on the Assassin Mask. I’ve always loved this custom Lego helmet, and to see the small details painted really brings it to life! #Lego #Minifigure #brickwarriors #assassin #scroll #wings #helmets #accessories #custom

Gingerbread Library. Anyone talented enough to build one of these for Carnegie-Stout?

The Twelve Olympians: Athena by Hydrogene Portfolio

Lord of the Rings - Behind the Scenes - They are all the same height...amazing what special effects can do

We have two years to go until Robocop becomes reality, and so far Detroit is right on target... - Imgur

First off, i love that this is The Phantom of the Opera. Then I love the motley audience. Best.

"Sir Ian McKellen broke down and cried whilst filming 'The Hobbit' because he had to film with a just a green screen instead of with other actors, he said 'this is not why I became an actor'." :,( That's soooo sad >.<