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  • Prasad Rane

    april fools pranks for school april fools pranks for the office april fools pranks for friends april fools pranks 2014 april fools pranks ideas april fools pranks for your boss

  • Julie Bernat

    April Fools Day idea? If you dip cotton balls in water, they'll stick to anything on a cold night!

  • Marissa Brown

    Cotton ball practical joke .

  • Elizabeth Walls

    If you dip cotton balls in water, they'll stick to anything on a cold night! GOTTA remember this!

  • Heidi Rothra

    if you dip cotton balls in water, on a cold night, they will stick to anything =) (senior prank?)

  • Nicole Marquart

    HILARIOUS! / wet cotton balls + freezing temp = seriously funny prank

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Catacked - My first response without thinking: "Aaaaaaaaaaaa!" (Trailing off to silence, as I lean forward and squint at All. The. Little. Cutout. Cats. The office worker has some very dedicated prankster friends!)

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haha "I have a big head and little arms!"

periods. they suck.

  • asli sena

    best explanation ever!

  • pc brown

    As my husband explains it: Any animal that can bleed for a week and still carry on their normal activities without anyone suspecting they are bleeding, cannot be considered "weak" or "frail". We're talking about an animal that can BLEED for a WEEK, and survive. Men cannot do this. Do NOT underestimate a woman, ever.

  • Anna Stearns

    I always thought i was the only one that used the term 'waterfall' to describe standing up and the flow hahaha

  • Rosie Rose

    More like 3 or 4 days now a days but yes this exactly

How to lose friends quickly. Or make new friends with a twisted mind like yours.

I missed the memo that said we ladies are now expected not only to hold down jobs but also to knit, craft, and bake from scratch again all while having washboard abs.

There are no better pranks than these…April Fools'!!!

this guy evil pure evil sounds like something i would do to you Maggie Drover

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. . .mates, don't leave your phones around me for a long while. I am so looking to do this now.

ding dong ditching just went to another level. I so wanna try this! lol

Some of the best Jim Gaffigan quotes.

  • Allison Debra

    Pie over all. Everything pie. Just pie. K, that's my spn reference for the day. Bye

The most frightening prank...

This always happens to me when I try to read.