Amazing how nature will always take back what was originally its to begin with.


Matter of time

A staircase in the woods.....

Trees growing on a tree... can't say they aren't determined

USSR abandoned places in decay - A tree growing through an abandoned piano

Abandoned Track.


Trapp Family Church Vermont.

Nature overtakes a crypt...not exactly a tree house, but pretty amazing!

33 Amazingly Beautiful Abandoned Buildings

How amazing, the tree is in the middle of the library.


A whole gallery of trees taking over buildings. Nature wins, I guess.

Weird but amazing tree

The House in the Woods A small abandoned Manor house in South Wales slowly being re-claimed by nature after its occupants left.

Maritime Archaeology - The abandoned lighthouse in Great Issac Cay, Bahamas - a small island NNE of the Bimini Islands. Built in 1859, the 152ft-tall tower is surrounded by a small group of decrepit outbuildings abandoned after the lighthouse’s last two keepers mysteriously vanished in 1969. The lighthouse has since acquired a reputation for being haunted by ghosts of shipwrecked passengers.

I guess trees really can grow anywhere.

The forgotten train station.

The lost train. Abandoned. Simply amazing! Photo by...Rainer Steinke.

Deserted Places: Hafodunos Hall, an abandoned mansion in Wales