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Keep your fruits and veggies fresh with these food savers.

Bluapple ~ Keep fruit fresh

Food Huggers preserve your leftover fruits and veggies with a tight seal. Keeps your food fresher longer. Save food & save money!

Mais uma: sabia que as beringelas, pimentos e pepinos devem ser guardados com água por baixo (sem entrar em contacto) para se manterem frescos e viçosos ?

FreshPaper keeps an entire bag, carton, or fridge drawer of produce fresh for up to 2-4 times longer.

As a number of us here are vegetarian or vegan, we were immediately drawn to Naomi Bines’ project that stores fruits and vegetables outside the fridge. She came up with a solution for keeping them fresh for longer using three ‘containers’, where fruits are kept separated and ventilated, root vegetables cool and dry and green leaves cool and humid. Amazingly simple! (Root vegetables stored in sand? Who knew?!)

The poor man's refrigerator

A dish rack to organize the tupperware what a great idea!

Follow these rules on where to place items within your fridge:

Every year, Americans throw away $165 billion of food. Happy Earth Day. Let’s do better. | 34 Ways To Waste Less Food #tips #wasteless #cooking

17 Clutter-Busting Strategies For Every Room: Use these tips to organize the whole house!

How long does food last?

DIY cheese crackers & tons of other healthy homemade snack food options! Perfect

How to cook real good cheap easy food: Great chart that simplifies classic recipes from around the world and gives shopping list and basic kitchen equipment essentials.

Frozen Food Recommended Storage Times #infographic #Food #FrozenFood #Health #Storage

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