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my gift for you

Lang Leav

What a super dress!

Choosing the right necklace. Some great ideas on picking jewelry based on the neckline. - Good to know!!!


maybe we should get a dog...

I've never heard of Lang Leav until today, but some of her work describes us so well ♥

Apparently Hemingway had the same thought I have when we kiss goodbye after our getaways...

Hair tie upgrade.

something to practice

Put shower rings on a hanger to hold all of your scarves. CLEVER!

Date Night Jar

Scarf love💜

that may not be my back and those may not be your arms, but I know what that feels like... and I miss it.

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec - In Bed The Kiss [1892]

Romantic Tree Camping in Germany. Want to try it?

Kiss kiss

hahaha! I wish I had told you this on a date! You would have loved it!

Drake Quotes | Tumblr Quotes | Cute Quotes

one more to try... December?


how to recycle a flannel. Do you have any you're not using anymore?

A pair of pillows that receives and transmits heartbeats to the other pillow to connect long distance lovers.

We had this view of the Chrysler building!

this is just too funny not to share with you ;)