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Doctor Eight is still one of my favorites, right there with Four, Ten, and Eleven.

Omg|| I am really only pinning this because they made the meme look like the doctor.

Painted this on a canvas and it's hanging in my dorm room right by the "every life is a pile of good things and bad things" poster. Love this quote.

I'm sorry, but it would have been so much cooler if the DW one was in Gallifreyan. (Excuse my inner nerd. It escapes now and then.)

If not the best couple in science fiction (and they may be!), they're definitely the cutest.

Amy Pond :) I should probably just make a Doctor Who board at this rate...

Williams Pond Lane, Charlotte, NC manycoloureddays: Amy and Rory’s Street

Oh, The Feels!!! My Ponds!!!!! I never thought of them like that until that moment on the roof top.

I love art nouveau, I love Dr. Who. This poster is an easy score with me!

Donna is still my favorite companion but the ponds will always hold a special place in mon couer