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Happy Little Baby Sweetheart Swan, Adorable Moments in Nature !! ♥

swan mom, #cute, #animal - swim Mom...we want to see the other side of the lake.... Aren't they just adorable. Stylish 3D Animal Poodle Puppy Face Messenger Bag Women Leisure Shoulder Bag $26.9

OK, gather round boys, THIS is how we are going to play the next round!

Boop!!! I love this! Scott wouldn't admit it, but him and Gus do the forehead boop all of the time! :)

"It sounds like you're having a hard day. Do you need a hug?"

"Baby bats at the Bat Clinic in Advancetown, which has helped at least 130 baby bats after the wet weather. The winged mammals are bottle fed, wrapped up and hung on clotheslines until they are well enough to be released." photo by Luke Marsden. WHAAAAAAT?! These are weirdly adorable!!!

Swans. Male swan (called a cob) Female (called a pen) Swans usually form pairs for life. The young or baby swans are called cygnets. Swan nests are usually a large pile of reeds and water plants. Female usually lays four to six eggs. She incubates them until they hatch about 30-35 days later.The male guards the nest from predators and may take over incubation so that the female can feed. The babies emerge short-necked and thickly downed.