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Harley Davidson....good thing to remember and work towards.

  • Naveen Nav

    ride in harley gives the thrill so ride like a hell and live like a hell ~`never give up and never surrender ~~

  • Ho Ho!

    your view is unusual. you are very talented.

  • Stephanie Tanis

    Done so much that now when I tell people I slowed done ( no chemicals ) they laugh ! WTF

  • Joseph Gaines

    Very appropriate words for a biker and for life in general! If you ride, ride safe. If you don't ride watch out for those of us that do!

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numbing helps but remember to keep it classy

  • Susan James

    toast I heard at a b'day party - Champagne for your real friends, real pain for your sham friends!

This one makes me grin. What a funny world we live in these days. :: print by ParadaCreations

Nuff said. For some there's therepy. For the rest of us, there's motorcycles.

This is my next car!

...I would have once, on a 45 min ride to Rockport, TX on the freeway in the cold but my hubby's leather jacket was flapping in my face:/ and the wind would have blown my words behind me, not in his direction LOL (probably the worst ride I've ever had LOL)

Good things in life can be found in small things, like the orange Kazoo in your grandparents kitchen drawer or singing at random not just in the shower (2010 aardvark letterpress manifesto)

Motorcycles? More like MANLYCYCLES. Wait, that doesn't sound right.

  • Emme Yeargin

    lady riders hold their own too! regardless please tell share this message: LOOK TWICE, SAVE A LIFE! MOTORCYCLES ARE EVERYWHERE!!!

D.I.Y. Sugar recipe for removing hair. Heard its better than shaving, less painful than waxing and cheaper than both.

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2013 Bob Haircuts for Women by judi1952

  • Karen Roman

    I love this cut and color, but it looks like the blue thing is coming out of her nose!

  • Lori Hopper

    Ha!!! Never noticed that but yes, it does!