Relationship answers written by kids

take the time to read a few of them. so cute. :) childlike faith.

Ghetto Hikes: quotes from urban kids on nature hikes. Hilarious!!

we aren't allowed to share personal things in class anymore lol

I put this in the craft section because I wanna make this a poster to hang on the wall. Get a good laugh everyday :D

ahahahahahah loveee thiss

sooo true

FedEx pilots and mechanics humor... I am crying because this is so funny... I am also very tired though


follow us! we have hundreds of hilarious pics! :)

Collection of Bad Joke EEL .... hahahha "can february march? not but april may" and "when I found out my toaster wasn't waterproof... I was shocked"

The Beatles

Ha! Yup! This is pretty true!

Soo cute <3, Carl Azuz could take some notes from this!

Seems I need to do this to our upstairs neighbors

@Amber Sosa

Disney medley. This may be my favorite thing on the Internet so far. Sooo good! the guy who does Ariel !

What is a man? Priceless and true!

48 things that will make you feel old. Ugghhhh I'm old!